Building Amenities

/Building Amenities

Keeping a building’s amenities fresh and clean is central to keeping tenants happy and committed. This can involve a refurbishment of the existing space, replacing fixtures in the same locations, re-tiling and installing new toilet partitioning. Or it can be more involved with remodelling the space to become more compliant.

Having wheelchair and ambulant accessible toilets and showers is essential for commercial buildings. When areas are remodelled this becomes a necessity due to the latest building codes. PWD amenities can be a challenge to design in tight spaces and requires careful planning and coordination with the private certifier to ensure compliance.

End of Trip Facilities

Building owners are always looking for the edge when it comes to attracting tenants into their buildings. Bike parking and End of Trip (EOT) Facilities are key drivers of demand in Brisbane’s CBD property market.

Over the years, we have been involved in various EOT facilities. Due to the usual location being in the basement car parks, these can be tricky projects with approval processes involving town planning, certification, hydraulic and services designs. Our designers can help you plan the space, while at the same time consider the impact it will have on the building’s services.

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