Building Compliance & Refurbishments

/Building Compliance & Refurbishments

Commercial Building Compliance Upgrades

Areas of Commercial Buildings may not comply with current Deemed to Satisfy Provisions of the NCC, however current legislation does not state that existing buildings need to be upgraded to present day requirements. However certain activities such as new fitout or building works can trigger upgrades to areas within the building, plus leasing spaces to tenants with a higher need for compliance such as a disability services provider can also trigger upgrades. A conservative approach working closely with a Private Certifier is required here to make sure what is planned or required is compliant to the current codes.

These compliance upgrades can be designing and retrofitting compliant passenger lifts in to buildings, designing and building fully compliant bathrooms, entrance areas, ramps and handrails and PWD car parking. Plus looking at extended travel distances to compliant exits and working with a Fire Engineer to create a solution if required.

Every building project we look at we consider what upgrades and changes to the building it could trigger, this is discussed at the start of the Design and Construct process and the solution is worked on alongside any other works, therefore no surprises for the budget and timeframe when it’s too late!!

Building Refurbishments

Whether it is to increase the NABERS rating, improve energy efficiency or simply give the building a cosmetic upgrade and facelift to attract new tenants, at some point, a commercial building will require a refurbishment. That’s where RAW’s experienced staff and project management skills come into play, we will look at all the required areas, provide feedback and engage consultants, where appropriate and supply a one stop solution to work around the building’s constraints and current tenants.

Kerb appeal can be a major influence in many tenants’ decisions to lease a commercial premises. Investing time in cleaning, landscaping and refreshing the exterior of the building can make the world of difference. This may be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, pressure wash off external paving or pruning the bushes and hedges and spreading some new mulch to the gardens. Upgrading the external signage is also very important to tenants to enable clients to locate them easily, signs that are hidden, hard to read and covered by bushes need to be repaired or replaced and we can help co-ordinate this too.

Walking from the street in to a nice clean well-presented foyer, with clear directional signage is likewise important. RAW can help design and create a more functional and aesthetically appealing entry which will make a huge difference in how the building is received. This can be achieved with new floor coverings, smartly designed lighting or refurbished lift doors and surrounds.

Keeping the building refurbished and upgraded can make a big difference to energy efficiency, lowering utilities bills, increasing tenant satisfaction, increasing the asset value, and reducing maintenance costs. Major areas to look at are air conditioning and heating systems, lighting, metering and monitoring and building management systems.

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