Office Fitouts

To create the perfect office environment for your staff, you need to factor in many physical and aesthetic elements. Our RAW Commercial Projects team are experts at seeing the big picture when designing office fitouts. We can anticipate any issues and solve these before work begins; ultimately saving you time and money.

Before starting a project, our team of talented and experienced Interior Designers, and Construction Professionals will conduct a detailed and comprehensive briefing with you. We’ll also review and assess the building as part of our value-adding service.

Building Assessment

Our research and detailed planning factors in the condition of the space itself. For instance, if you are leasing a tenancy where infrastructure is in place, you can focus your resources on the design and fitting out of the offices. If there is no infrastructure as is the case, when buying or leasing an empty shell, you will need to spend considerable resources installing basics such as electricals, plumbing, air conditioning, lighting, and so on. In older or heritage listed buildings, these services may need replacing or updating in line with compliance and heritage guidelines.

Planning Your New Office

Here are some of the elements we will review for your new office fitout.

  • Purpose and functionality of the office space including specific rooms
  • Number of people to be housed, or to use the space
  • Practical layout for staff and patrons to move easily and logically
  • Comfortable and inviting furnishings in waiting areas, break out rooms, and kitchens
  • Stylish and practical workstations including reception counter
  • Practical lighting solution for visitors and staff
  • Durable materials for furnishings and floors
  • Appropriate colour scheme and branding including signage
  • Technology requirements for computers / video conferencing
  • Entertainment such as television, relaxation rooms for staff, or play area or equipment for children, if required
  • Bathrooms and amenities appropriate for space and facilities
  • Tone and style of the design to reflect brand value and culture
  • Health and safety, plus heritage and building considerations to meet compliance as required
  • Demolition of existing fitout
  • Scheduling of works and carrying out the fitouts
  • Ongoing communication and delivery of the project

At RAW we specialise in the design and construct of a range of commercial offices. Each fitout varies in size, complexity, design, budget, and timeframe. No matter the size of the project, we’ll work with you to ensure we deliver offices that you will be truly satisfied with, and proud to accommodate your staff and visitors.

Some of our outstanding office projects over the past few years include Fiteni Homes, Modinex Group, Hoffman Kelly, Property Solutions, Emerson Automation Solutions, and DSI Underground.

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