Complimentary Building and DesignAssessment

Complimentary Building and Design Assessment

Managing Director, Richard Wiseman has over 20 years of experience working with reputable commercial fitout companies in Australia and overseas, prior to setting up RAW Commercial Projects. Our offer of a complimentary building and design assessment is aimed at helping business owners, tenants, property and facility managers make informed decisions.

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Below are some of the factors Richard will review during the assessment:

  • Adequate size and layout of the premises for the business operations
  • Fit for purpose, or can be easily modified for your use, now or in the future
  • Ease of changing structure and appearance, both internally and externally
  • Heritage considerations, and building codes / restrictions
  • Facilities and comfort for employees and visitors – including lighting, bathrooms, toilets, showers, and amenities such as kitchen facilities.
  • Utilities, such as power and drainage, and any special requirements – for example, three-phase electricity
  • Fire exits, stairwells, security
  • Planning permission to use the premises for your type of business
  • Storage facilities for products / equipment
  • Facilities for people with disabilities including checking travel distances to exits
  • Access and parking space – for deliveries or customers, including people with disabilities
  • Ventilation / windows
  • Ease of access for building works including traffic considerations
  • Elements that could cause increased cost such as high ceilings.
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We encourage you to accept our offer before you make your final decision to move premises or upgrade your existing facilities. Our RAW team has helped many organisations avoid costly mistakes through our experience and knowledge of building codes and compliance. We’d love to help your business too.

Photos of elements advisory group office fitout milton brisbane completed by Raw Commercial Projects

To book your complimentary building and design fitout review, please provide us with the following details