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Celebrating Five Years at RAW Commercial Projects

I’ve been working in and around the commercial fitout industry for over 20 years. In 2017, I branched out and set up RAW COMMERCIAL PROJECTS servicing business owners and organisations in Southeast Queensland. In building RAW, I wanted to establish a solid foundation for delivering both value and quality in commercial fitout projects.  I knew the key to our success would be innovative designs and excellence in construction. More importantly, our ability to create a stress-free environment, where our clients were confident in the outcome, would be our main point of difference. As RAW enters its fifth year of operations, I’m proud

Why signage is an important part of your branding strategy for bricks and mortar businesses

Despite a move for more services to operate remotely, many health and essential services require customers / clients and patients to visit their physical premises. In these situations, excellent signage can enhance confidence in your services, attract quality clients and build your brand presence in the community. Below are a few key factors to remember when it comes to choosing signage for your business. Location, location, location – where you place your sign is as important as the sign itself. Aim for maximum exposure. Size matters – not only

Building Assessment Services Helps Business Owners Make Informed Decisions

Early this year, we launched our new Building and Design Assessment service as a value-add for those seeking to relocate and needing professional help to determine the feasibility of the new premises.  Our MD Richard Wiseman provided his expertise to help business owners make informed choices on the suitability of the building and what is involved in fitting out the space. Below are two examples of site inspections and our recommendations. Building Assessment  –  Gold Coast This building was a proposed new site for one of our existing clients looking to move premises. MD Richard Wiseman and our Preconstruction Manager Ryan Bosua met our clients

Designing Speculative Fitouts – Benefits for Landlords and Tenants

Demand for ready to occupy office space is making speculative fitouts a viable option for landlords to attract high end tenants. In today’s commercial market, tenants looking to make a quick and seamless transition to new premises are seeking creative spaces to encourage high performance and productivity. Interior Designers and fitout companies are rising to the challenge, creating a range of cutting-edge designs to excite and attract tenants by using a mix of vibrant materials, clever design and ergonomic furniture. Landlords are either upgrading cold shells by adding basic infrastructure or modernising tired spaces to create contemporary offices.  Most new speculative fitouts

Your Guide to Creating a Well-lit Designed Office Space

Lights can be used for many different functions – everything from creating ambience, highlighting a feature wall and artwork, or simply to deliver adequate lighting to perform tasks. In a modern office, lighting needs to be appropriate to carry out the tasks required by staff. Today’s office typically involves multiple people at workstations operating computers and using the facilities for meetings, and client interactions. Designing the right lighting solution for an open plan office, needs to consider a variety of situations; the tasks to be undertaken, and the staff’s ability to carry out their duties in comfort, irrespective of their age

Creating Space and design Flexibility with Operable Walls

At RAW Commercial Projects, we’re all about functionality, value and creating excellent design and construction for workplaces and services. Operable walls are one design element becoming extremely popular with business owners and tenants, seeking flexibility to divide and open spaces including training and conference rooms or multifunctional areas for hosting events and meetings. Stylish and practical, operable walls can provide the acoustic qualities of a fixed wall. They need to be fitted with quality seals and closures, with a proven tracking and trolley systems to ensure that they stack correctly and close smoothly.  You don’t want to see unsightly floor tracks

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Tips for Choosing the Right Premises for your Business

Most people think that location is the prime consideration when deciding to move premises or starting a new business. And, if you’re business is reliant on foot traffic and easy access for clients, or staff, this may be a huge factor. But there are other matters to consider that could have a bearing on the feasibility of buying or leasing the right premises to move your business forward. At RAW Commercial Projects, we work in the best interest of our clients giving them honest and practical advice to make informed decisions. Where possible, our Managing Director Richard Wiseman will provide independent

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RAW Commercial Projects is Four Years Young

Congratulations to Managing Director Richard Wiseman and RAW Commercial Projects in marking another successful year for the company – now four years young. Since starting in 2017, the RAW Team has worked on diverse commercial design and construction fitout projects ranging from medical clinics through to industrial warehouses, totalling around $20million. RAW’s edge is our “one stop solution” approach, minimising risk and maximising value for our clients. Our company has invested heavily in processes and accreditations such as Cm3 to provide an additional layer of security to ensure projects run smoothly, within budget and