Make Good Services

We work with property owners and tenants to “make good” their office space to a premium standard. For some clients, this might mean restoring properties to their original condition. For others, we will upgrade the space in anticipation of a new lease. We’ve done the full range of make goods, from stripping back the offices to their shell to standard wear-and-tear repairs. At RAW Commercial Projects, we understand the importance of make good services as a lease requirement in a competitive commercial real estate environment. We’ll work with you to ensure the space is of a high standard, with designs, fitouts or compliance upgrades that meet your needs.

What is a make good?

In commercial property, a make good is the construction and fitout work at an office at the end of a lease agreement. It involves repairing any damages, removing tenant-specific fixtures, or returning the space to its original condition, depending on the lease requirement or the owner. It could be removing the unwanted fitout, replacing ceilings, upgrading to more energy-efficient lighting, upgrading air conditioning systems, stripping out unwanted cabling, upgrading switchboards, replacing carpet and generally sprucing the space up with a new coat of paint. Make goods are important to maintain a property’s market value or attract new tenants and to ensure a smooth transition between occupants.

Experts in make good services

At RAW Commercial Projects, we have delivered successful make good projects across southeast Queensland. Our deep understanding of construction techniques and materials that work for commercial property means we will deliver the best possible fitout for your property.

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