Building and Design Assessment

Our Building and Design Assessment service is vital for any business owners considering fitting out new premises or upgrading existing commercial space. We have helped many commercial property owners and tenants make informed decisions saving them thousands of dollars before work even begins.

As part of the service, our RAW team of Interior Designers and Construction professionals will offer you their expert advice based on their years of experience and industry knowledge to help you determine the feasibility of your project.

Each commercial space is unique. Older buildings, especially those with heritage requirements, need special treatment to respect the integrity of the building and to meet modern compliance requirements. Our team is highly experienced in this area and has worked on several heritage listed buildings such as 232 Adelaide Street, Brisbane. Newer buildings are easier to fitout or refurbish as often these have base infrastructure in place, allowing you to focus on the design; although, factors such as access should be considered.

Regardless of the age and condition of the building, we can develop innovative fitout designs, superbly built that make a powerful statement for your business in line with your vision and goals.

How it Works

MD Richard Wiseman and members of our RAW team will meet you on site to inspect your building or the space you are considering leasing.

They will conduct a preliminary review of the premises to determine the works to be conducted and costs. Typically, these will include base building works such as flooring, ceilings, lights, fire services, and air conditioning. We’ll also research building codes and guidelines to ensure any future fitout design takes these into account. Our team will then prepare a detailed report on the findings and the cost for fitting out the premises.

You can then decide if this is the right building to relocate or set up your business. On occasions, we’ve helped tenants find an alternate site that is cost-effective and meets their goals.

Our RAW team is always happy to help business owners assess a commercial space and provide our professional advice on its suitability and related costs.

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