What is an office fitout site assessment

commercial design fitout brisbane 301 coronation drive level 6 tenancy a completed by Raw Commercial Projects

Want a comprehensive evaluation of your office space? Consider a professional office fitout site assessment before you start.

Office fitouts are important. They create the work spaces and environment of the office, and can improve or reduce leasing options. For the tenants themselves, the fitout can also boost or hinder productivity and efficiency, as well as the happiness of workers.

RAW Commercial Projects have the runs on the board for office fitout site assessments. Managing Director Richard Wiseman has been in the industry for decades, and knows what to look out for in a space. Importantly, communication with property owners is a strength, giving owners awareness of their options for redevelopment.

Factors in an office site assessment

A thorough site assessment should delve into the practical and aesthetic potential of an office lease or site.

The first factor is understanding the space and layout. Accurate dimensions are important to get an understanding of the area and plan a layout. Structural assessments are also critical to make sure the building – or internal structures – are sound.

From there, the site assessor will check the lighting, plumbing and drainage, IT cabling, and air conditioning systems to confirm they are appropriate for the space and, possibly, to future proof for any additional subtenancies.

Security and accessibility features are now important in an office, and a thorough site assessment will be able to offer insights into these.

The assessment will be able to identify any potential challenges – and opportunities – to make sure the office fitout is functional, compliant, and aligned with the client’s needs.

What is a fitout company?

Once the assessment is done, it’s time to engage the fitout company. A professional office fitout company specialises in the delivery of functional and comfortable workspaces that work for the property and its tenants.

Fitout companies oversee and manage the design, planning, and building of interior fitouts, which can include everything from basic furnishings to comprehensive interior overhauls.

Services include assessments and design, project management, installation and ensuring compliance with the many regulations.

Fitout companies can work on a variety of projects, including offices, medical and health clinics, and other commercial properties. Their goal is to deliver a finished space that meets the functional needs of the owner or tenant, and is in line with their branding and aesthetics.

What is the cost of an office fitout?

The cost of an office fitout in Australia varies widely. It can depend on the location, the size and complexity of the space, and the quality of the fittings and finishes.

Quantity surveyors Rider Levett Bucknell found ongoing uncertainty but a positive outlook for the construction industry in their Construction Market Update Report for Q1 2024.

They noted most of the cost escalation challenges were “beyond the industry’s influence”, including fuel prices, geopolitical conflicts, exchange rates, general inflation and the increased cost of business insurance, fees and regulatory requirements.

“There are indications that these impacts are beginning to ease and stabilise,” they said.

For the Brisbane market, they forecast a stable rise in the annual tender price index of 6 per cent, down from the 10.5 per cent increase in 2022. A decline in the growth is forecast from 2025.

Estimates provide a broad overview, and actual costs can vary based on specific project details. Consulting with a fitout company can provide a more accurate and tailored estimate based on individual needs and circumstances.

Can a good office fitout add value?

A contemporary office fitout can attract tenants and reduce vacancy periods for a commercial office. It’s an investment that can yield returns on the significant investment in a commercial property.

A well-designed office creates a positive impression on clients and visitors, reflecting a professional brand and image. Importantly, they’re great places to work in! Employees are satisfied and, in an environment where companies are trying to entice workers back into the office, this can help.

Great fitouts are also efficient, however, meaning the spaces are more flexible and allow for a range of uses. This can include rooms that open up or operable walls, for example.

Looking for a full site assessment before commencing your office design and fitout? We can help, with our building site assessment service.