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What is an office fitout site assessment

Want a comprehensive evaluation of your office space? Consider a professional office fitout site assessment before you start. Office fitouts are important. They create the work spaces and environment of the office, and can improve or reduce leasing options. For the tenants themselves, the fitout can also boost or hinder productivity

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Medical Interior Design

Medical interior design is important for creating practical, efficient, and pleasant spaces within healthcare settings. The interior design and fitouts of medical offices should revolve around the patient and their needs. Factors such as confidentiality, maintaining a calm and neutral environment, and privacy must also be taken into account in

Open-plan office design ideas

The traditional office and cubicles of the 1980s corporate office are long gone. Open-plan, flexible spaces have become the norm, encouraging team collaboration. This change is not just about how things look; it’s a significant shift in how we think about and create our work environments. Given the rise of video

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Office fitout trends for 2024

Take a sneak peek into the accelerating and emerging trends in office fitout design for 2024. This year, the professional team at RAW Commercial Projects expects the demand for flexibility in floorplans, adaptability, sustainability, and the use of technology integration to increase. So, too, will employee and client desires for healthy and

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Speculative fitouts – What are the benefits to potential tenants?

The benefits of speculative fitouts When property owners build the fitout of an office space before a tenant has committed to lease it, it is called a speculative fitout. There are many benefits to a speculative fitout for both the prospective tenant and the developer. The main advantage is that the prospective tenant

allied health fitout design and construction springfield completed by RAW Commercial Projects

Allied health office design and fitouts

Designing an allied health office fitout requires careful consideration of a clinic’s practical and functional aspects to ensure it is a welcoming space for staff and patients. While certain physical requirements exist for all clinics – such as a waiting area and treatment rooms – it is also important to maximise

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Commercial property make goods

When it comes to commercial property leases, tenants are often required to restore the premises to their original condition before vacating. This process, known as a make good, offers benefits for both tenants and property owners.  Depending on the make good clause in the lease, the process could be as

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Using Renders to enhance your Custom Design Fitout experience

Custom designing modern workplaces involves balancing function and beauty. Our RAW team of Interior Designers are inspired to provide a custom design fitout experience when creating for workplaces that foster high performance and well-being. Over the past 12 months, RAW Commercial Projects has seen the growth of a hybrid workplace model