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Celebrating Five Years at RAW Commercial Projects

I’ve been working in and around the commercial fitout industry for over 20 years. In 2017, I branched out and set up RAW COMMERCIAL PROJECTS servicing business owners and organisations in Southeast Queensland. In building RAW, I wanted to establish a solid foundation for delivering both value and quality in commercial

Your Guide to Creating a Well-lit Designed Office Space

Lights can be used for many different functions – everything from creating ambience, highlighting a feature wall and artwork, or simply to deliver adequate lighting to perform tasks. In a modern office, lighting needs to be appropriate to carry out the tasks required by staff. Today’s office typically involves multiple

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RAW Commercial Projects is Four Years Young

Congratulations to Managing Director Richard Wiseman and RAW Commercial Projects in marking another successful year for the company – now four years young. Since starting in 2017, the RAW Team has worked on diverse commercial design and construction fitout projects ranging from medical clinics through to industrial