Building Assessment Services Helps Business Owners Make Informed Decisions

Early this year, we launched our new Building and Design Assessment service as a value-add for those seeking to relocate and needing professional help to determine the feasibility of the new premises. 

Our MD Richard Wiseman provided his expertise to help business owners make informed choices on the suitability of the building and what is involved in fitting out the space.

Below are two examples of site inspections and our recommendations.

Building Assessment  –  Gold Coast

This building was a proposed new site for one of our existing clients looking to move premises. MD Richard Wiseman and our Preconstruction Manager Ryan Bosua met our clients onsite and inspected the building. Our analysis showed the space was functional but there were considerable costs associated with preparing the base building works including flooring, ceilings, lights, fire services and air conditioning. Our team prepared a detailed report on the findings and the cost for fitting out the premises.

When our client considered the cost of the additional work involved in the fitout, the lease offer was not as cost-effective as it appeared initially.

We’re now working with our client on an alternative site that will be a better fit for them.

Building Assessment  –  Sunshine Coast

In this case, we responded to a request for help by a new client who was considering an empty building to relocate their business.  MD Richard Wiseman met the client onsite and provided a rough estimate of the cost to bring the space up to a standard to start fitting out the area. This included adding in full air con system, ceilings, lights, floor coverings, emergency lights, the external walls sheeting and more. The work involved in fitting out an empty shell is extensive, this was even before they began to add internal walls, kitchen, amenities, furnishing and more.  

The client was disappointed but rather than leaving them without a building to move into Richard took them to another location, where the space was ready to go. In comparison, the second space could be modified with a cost-effective fitout that suited them, without the infrastructure costs required. The rent for the second space is slightly more expensive than the first, but they would save time and fitout costs overall. The client greatly appreciated our help.

Currently we’re working with this client to create a suitable office fitout to meet their needs.

In both cases, there is an important lesson to be learnt.  Depending on your long term goals, sometimes it is more beneficial to find a space that has all the base infrastructure work completed. This will allow you to use more of your budget to create a functional space for your staff and clients, instead of, using it to install base building works.  In some cases, your leasing arrangement may include significant funds and time allocation to allow for base work to be completed which may suit your goals as well.  

Regardless of your strategy, our team is always happy to help business owners assess a property and provide our professional advice on its suitable for a fitout and cost-effectiveness.