Tips for Choosing the Right Premises for your Business

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Most people think that location is the prime consideration when deciding to move premises or starting a new business. And, if you’re business is reliant on foot traffic and easy access for clients, or staff, this may be a huge factor. But there are other matters to consider that could have a bearing on the feasibility of buying or leasing the right premises to move your business forward.

At RAW Commercial Projects, we work in the best interest of our clients giving them honest and practical advice to make informed decisions. Where possible, our Managing Director Richard Wiseman will provide independent professional advice on the pros and cons of a commercial space or building, and what’s involved in design and construction of the fitout for the premises.

If you’re not wanting to move but need to modify to suit your expansion plans, or achieve better workflow, we can advise the feasibility of refurbishing based on innovative design and a quality construction.

Below are some aspects of a commercial fitout, our RAW team considers when reviewing premises on behalf of our clients:

  • Adequate size and layout of the premises for the business operations
  • Fit for purpose, or can be easily modified for your use, now or in the future
  • Ease of changing structure and appearance, both internally and externally
  • Heritage considerations, and building codes / restrictions 
  • Facilities and comfort for employees and visitors – including lighting, bathrooms, toilets, showers, and amenities such as kitchen facilities.
  • Utilities, such as power and drainage, and any special requirements – for example, three-phase electricity
  • Fire exits, stairwells, security
  • Planning permission to use the premises for your type of business
  • Storage facilities for products / equipment
  • Compliance for facilities for disabled people, including checking travel distances to exits
  • Access and parking space – for deliveries or customers, including people with disabilities
  • Ventilation / windows
  • Ease of access for building works including traffic considerations.
  • Elements that could cause increased cost such as high ceilings

Whether you rent or buy, you will need to consider additional costs such as:

  • Fitout design –  this is an essential component to maximise the potential of your business
  • Special considerations required to meet building, health and safety, and fire regulations
  • Sound construction of fitout modifications and improvements for compliance and protection of people, and your investment
  • Quality equipment, furniture, audio visual and IT infrastructure, signage, plants
  • Appropriate styling and decoration in line with brand values.
  • Ongoing rent, service and utility charges, including water, electricity, and gas
  • Continuing maintenance and repairs
  • Lease conditions, especially the ‘ Make Good Clause’
  • Building and contents insurance, business rates, licences etc.

To minimise potential risks associated with your commercial premises, we highly recommend conducting extensive due diligence before making any final decision. If you’re considering moving or buying new premises, we encourage you to take advantage of our complimentary building review with MD Richard Wiseman.