Office fitout trends for 2024

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Take a sneak peek into the accelerating and emerging trends in office fitout design for 2024.

This year, the professional team at RAW Commercial Projects expects the demand for flexibility in floorplans, adaptability, sustainability, and the use of technology integration to increase.

So, too, will employee and client desires for healthy and positive spaces that feel good to be in.

The workplace is always changing, and trends move quickly. Learn more about the trends that will shape how we think about office spaces in the coming year.

Flexibility in office fitout design

In 2024, flexibility in office fitout design will become even more important. Uncertain business conditions mean adaptability will be important for the workplace. Flexibility in the design of the office space means the lease can be used in different ways as the business grows, downsizes or realigns.

Modern workforces fluctuate. Flexibility within office design allows for scale in the team size, so the office can suit varying team sizes and evolving work practices. This can be demonstrated in the increasing use of breakout rooms, Zoom rooms and meeting areas.

A flexible office fitout can also allow for the space to be subcontracted if this is an option in the lease agreement. Using partitions and establishing multi-point technology inputs can be the foundation for adaptability.

And beyond the floorplan, flexibility can shape an environment for innovation and collaboration. Easy adjustments can be made to suit the needs of the time.

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Sustainability in office fitouts

As Australia seeks to deliver on its 43 per cent emissions reduction target below 2005 levels by 2030, companies are under increasing pressure to also cut their carbon footprint. Office fitouts that meet sustainability requirements are sought after in the corporate sector. Almost half the office space in Australian central business districts (46 per cent) is certified under the Green Star rating system, according to the Green Building Council of Australia.

Advocates point to the energy efficiency and cost savings from a sustainable office, and safeguarding against potential regulations in the future. Not only does this contribute positively to the environment, but it’s also becoming a priority for many clients and employees.

Incorporating technology in office fitouts

When it comes to setting up offices, incorporating the foundations for the latest technologies will be key. From smart systems that automate tasks to super-fast internet connections, the upgrades make work easier and help teams work better together.

New tech in offices can make life and work easier. Access to video-conferencing rooms, multiple tech inputs and sufficient cabling can ensure work gets done in a way that is more efficient and productive.

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Ensuring ‘wellness’ in design

Enabling workplace health and safety isn’t just a “nice to have” anymore. It is a requirement for businesses under Australian laws, with directors potentially liable for breaches.

This decade, incorporating wellness and health-focused elements into office fitouts will become more important as businesses seek to recruit and retain staff and prioritise their physical and mental well-being.

Office fitouts designed with wellness in mind aim to create spaces that encourage movement, healthy behaviours, and ergonomic comfort. From adjustable desks to designated areas for physical activity, these features promote better posture, reduce sedentary behaviour, and ultimately support employee health. End-of-trip facilities are also important to incentivise active travel.

Focus on collaboration

This year, the focus on design for areas that foster collaboration and creativity will increase. Open spaces, breakout zones, and brainstorming areas that encourage interaction and innovation will all be popular with office fitouts.

As workers and businesses juggle work-from-home and the need for interaction, a focus on collaboration strengthens team dynamics. Offices that encourage teamwork and interaction among employees create a more cohesive and motivated workforce.

Desert yellows, ashy olives and deep greens colours on trend in 2024

When it comes to the colour scheme, Dulux is tipping a few new tones for 2024. The paint manufacturer says the Solstice palette of “rich and organic hues can cocoon us and help to evoke feelings of strength and joy”. They describe it as influenced by Scandinavian design style with the warmth of Mediterranean and desert-inspired landscapes.

Likewise, their Journey colour scheme of reds and blues is bohemian and eclectic with a depth of colour for a maximalist look.

Finally, the 1970s look Muse palette of tan, green and blues “creates a distinctly modern interior fused with nostalgic design references reminiscent of the ’60s to the ’80s, in addition to the textures and glamour from the ’70s”.

2024 office fitout trends

Keeping these trends in mind can help guide your office fitout projects in 2024, ensuring spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional, adaptive, and conducive to productivity and well-being.

At RAW Commercial Projects, our expert interior designers are on hand to help design your next office fitout.