Creating Space and design Flexibility with Operable Walls

At RAW Commercial Projects, we’re all about functionality, value and creating excellent design and construction for workplaces and services. Operable walls are one design element becoming extremely popular with business owners and tenants, seeking flexibility to divide and open spaces including training and conference rooms or multifunctional areas for hosting events and meetings.

Stylish and practical, operable walls can provide the acoustic qualities of a fixed wall. They need to be fitted with quality seals and closures, with a proven tracking and trolley systems to ensure that they stack correctly and close smoothly.  You don’t want to see unsightly floor tracks or guides. A well-constructed and installed operable wall will complement and enhance your commercial office space.

If you’re not wanting to move but need to modify to suit your expansion plans, or achieve better workflow, we can advise the feasibility of refurbishing based on innovative design and a quality construction.

There is a wide choice of Operable walls on the market with panels upholstered in a diverse range of materials including fabric, acoustic pinboards, whiteboards, glass plus more.

We’ve used Operable walls in several of our recent commercial fitout projects including Emerson Automation Solutions.

In this case, we created a 2700h x 7460w wall constructed in seven Side-Stacking Operable Wall Panels.  The product included these features:

  •             Expanding Jamb starter
  •             Fixed Adjustable Jamb Terminal
  •             Extruded aluminium bottom seals and vinyl top seals to all panels
  •             Powdercoated aluminium track, trims and jambs
  •             Fabric = Rim Fabrics Evolve Cobalt 102 
  •             Acoustic rating, Rw 44

When selecting an operable wall system, our RAW Team works with our clients to determine the best products to suit their intended use and budget.

Here are a few factors to consider when choosing Operable wall systems:  

  • Flexibility – how often will you need to be dividing and opening up space
  • Acoustic rating – what level of noise do you need blocking
  • Type of panel upholstery – vinyl, veneer and fabric etc
  • Where and how you want the panels to stack? You can choose Center stack, Remote stack, or Side stack.
  • Closure systems – door panels, pivot panels, expanding panels
  • Accessories to optimise the value of an Operable Wall including windows, pin and chalk and white boards, or pass doors.

Operable walls are just one of the many items to consider when refurbishing or fitting out your commercial space.  For a comprehensive design and construction plan, or a complimentary building assessment, contact our RAW team for help.